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The 20 Minute Program for Stress-Free Work/Life Balance.

While overworking seems to be popular these days, it’s extremely damaging. There’s absolutely no reason to overdo it, even if you have bills to pay. In fact, the harder you push yourself, the closer you get to the end of the line! It’s important to learn how to balance all the aspects of your life... Read more »


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Become a Qualified Life Coach

Life Coaching is a rewarding career. If you feel you have some life experiences worth sharing, a Life Coaching course could be just what you have been looking for. Payment options available from as little as $25 per week! A Life Coaching course can help you develop the skills to bring change within someone’s life. Read More


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We are very excited to launch our new website and with it we bring a wide range of professional and personal interest courses and lots of new free resources for our MumsInc Community
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