Payment Terms

Fees and charges payable for your training program are due upon enrolment with the first payment to be paid prior to commencement unless alternative payment arrangements have been made.

Instalment Plan Policy
Grow Training Group has a number of flexible payment plans that may be entered into at the time of enrolment. Professional fees and costs are due and payable as stated in the instalment plan with the first payment due at the time of enrolment.

The client must meet all agreed instalment payments. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure funds are available for agreed scheduled payments. Should any payments be rejected, re-processing will be attempted. Repeated failure will result in referral of any resultant debt (inclusive of any accrued interest or other fees incurred in accordance with these Conditions of Enrolment) for collection by a recovery agent plus any additional collection costs incurred.

Note: Certification will not be issued until all outstanding payments have been met.

Protection of Pre-Paid Fees
Grow Training Group will not collect upfront payment of more than $1500 in advance. Payment plans negotiated for the remainder of the course fees are payable as per the instalment plan entered into at the time of enrolment.

Note: Certification will not be issued until all outstanding payments have been met.

Unpaid Fees
The Client must pay all invoices issued by Grow Training Group within 14 days of the date of each invoice and meet all instalment payments negotiated.

Grow Training Group reserves the right to take whatever action required including, discontinuing programs, institute legal proceedings, etc., to safeguard its interests.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Cancellations received up to 14 days prior to course commencement will incur an administration charge of $200. Cancellations received between 1 and 14 days of commencement will incur a charge of up to 25% of the full program fee. No refunds will be due for participants who cancel a course after this time. Commencement is deemed as issuance of training material and/or completion of Student Induction.

Transfer Policy
Transfer of training dates or courses must be advised in writing at least 14 days prior to commencement. Transfers made after this date may be subject to a penalty charge of $100.

It is a requirement of enrolment that reasonable progress is to be made to complete the required assessments within the course timeframe, or cancellation of enrolment may apply. Where a cancellation occurs, a $250 re‐ enrolment fee will occur to assess any outstanding submissions.

Extenuating Circumstances
Should a participant be unable to continue their studies due to legitimate reasons such as sickness, death or family circumstances, Grow Training Group will work with the student to offer an extension, transfer of course or a pro-rata refund may be applied when requested in writing and reviewed by the refund review panel.

Training Support & Student Commitment

Student Induction
Students will be provided with information that will outline training requirements and assist them in the successful completion of studies and achievement of competency.

Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LLN)
Students will be required to undertake an LLN test at the time of enrolment. All students who advise the RTO’s staff of their special learning needs, or are identified as a result of this test will be provided with the appropriate support and guidance with the aim of assisting the student to obtain competency in the course undertaken. This assistance provided by The RTO Staff will be within the principles of fairness and flexibility of workplace assessment and will be offered in a discrete manner.

Student Support
Students have access to direct email support from their trainer 6 days a week and will be made aware of phone contact hours during student induction. In addition Student Services is available 8:30–3:30 Monday-Friday for direct phone support and via email 6 days a week.

Students must aim to complete modules by the nominated completion date and as a minimum must demonstrate ongoing progression towards completion. Extension for assessment may be awarded at the trainer’s discretion.


It is a requirement of RPL assessment that all evidence be provided within 90 days from issuance of the RPL Kit, or cancellation of enrolment may apply. Extensions may be granted at the discretion of your trainer/assessor.

Access and Equity

GROW Management and staff are required to provide assistance to all clients to identify and achieve their desired outcomes. GROW shall provide training and assessment services to all clients regardless of race, religion, sex, socio-economic status, disability, language, literacy or numeracy.

Certification will not be issued until all payments have been made and paid in full.

Privacy Policy
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