If you feel you have some life experiences worth sharing and you could be an inspiration to others, Life coaching may be just what you have been looking for. Life Coaching requires enthusiasm and a desire to genuinely see people thrive are very important qualities. A Life Coaching course helps you gain some insight into how to refine your skills to offer the best possible service to your clients.

Life Coaching is a very rewarding career path, it not only involves planning and engaging your clinets, but to bring about change within themselves and their lives.

What This Course Can Do For You:

  • Give you the skills to set up and work as a life coach
  • Help you develop contacts and build networks within industry
  • Raise your awareness of opportunities within the Coaching Industry
  • Lay a sound foundation of knowledge and skills which can grow with experience and further study

Life coaching not only involves planning and engaging in processes to bring about change, it can also involve the life coach in motivating the client to accept the need for inner change in order to bring about outer change. In the end, the processes of recognising a need for change and for managing change may be even more valuable and contribute more to the personal growth of the client than the outcomes.

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This course consists of 10 lessons:

Individual perception
A well balanced life
Coaching processes
Coaching skills
Coaching and physical well-being
Coaching and psychological well-being
Coaching success
Goal setting
Review and adjustment

At the end of each lesson you will complete and assessment, which is to be submitted to the college and marked by your trainer. Your trainer will then return your assessment with relevant feedback.

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a MumsInc Training Certificate of Achievement in Life Coaching

Payment Options available from as little as $25 per week. Kick start your career in Life Coaching now!

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